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Volume 12 of the OJBR presents Soave armonia or brummende Violone? Let's talk bass . . . When is a bass not a double bass? by Joëlle Morton

Joëlle Morton's detailed article takes readers back to the origins of our instrument, the origins of the ensembles and venues where our instrument was used, and the origins of the name of our instrument. Referring to a myriad of primary documents and examples, and with thoughtful and compelling narrative, readers will be invited to examine questions surrounding the history and practice of the instrument that we call the double bass.

Although not prescriptive, the article can provide a framework and insight for making informed decisions about when to play or when not to play notated bass parts, and in which octave.

Readers will also enjoy a few anecdotes that may be surprising. Finally, the larger questions of informed interpretation are examined.

This article is different from most of the other articles that have been published in OJBR, because this article is an "invited" article. On rare occasions, an editor of a peer-reviewed scholarly journal can invite an author to contribute an article to the journal. The author in this case is the founding editor of OJBR, whose bold, innovative, and forward-thinking initiative to start the OJBR in 2003, provided a platform for double bass scholarship. It is only fitting that this volume of the OJBR is for her to impart her broad perspectives on relevant topics of interest for readers of the OJBR.

An active performer, musicologist, author, teacher, and clinician, Toronto-based Joëlle Morton specializes in period instruments — renaissance and baroque violas da gamba, violoni and double basses. In 2017 she received the ISB's Special Recognition Award for Historical Performance. She earned her doctorate in Early Music Performance in 1997 at the University of Southern California. More information about the author, Joëlle Morton, can be found here.

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