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Volume 10 of the OJBR presents Intonation in the Performance of the Double Bass: The Role of Vision and Tact in Undershoot and Overshoot Patterns by Fausto Borém and Guilherme Menezes Lage.

This award-winning article reports on the findings of a research team composed of a double bassist and a neuroscientist. Their interdisciplinary research draws on several fields, including music performance, neuroscience, motor behavior, biomechanics, cognition, perception, acoustics, music pedagogy, and physical education. Despite the seemingly disparate disciplines that inform the research, the multiple disciplines are leveraged in the examination and pursuit of solutions to double bassists' quests for good intonation. More specifically, this article directly examines the effectiveness of visual and tactile cues as intonation aids. The literature review would also be very interesting for any double bassist who is interested in improving their intonation. In this article, both the artistic and scientific perspectives are tapped, and they work in tandem, in order to create new research made possible through meaningful interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from different fields. This marriage of artistic and scientific approaches in research, in and of itself, should be of interest to anyone who is interested in engaging new audiences and stakeholders, with and through music.

This article was the winner of the 2018 ISB Research Competition, in the Professional division.

The first author, Fausto Borém, is full professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil (UFMG), where he teaches double bass, chamber music and music research, and also created the graduate music program and the country's top scholarly journal Per Musi. He has premiered significant new double bass works in the U.S., Europe and Brazil, and edited and/or published dozens of double bass originals, transcriptions and scholarly articles on the instrument. He has won numerous awards in Brazil and abroad as a soloist, composer and theorist (www.lattes.cnpq.br). Fausto Borém leads "Musa Brasilis", an ensemble centered on the double bass, with theatrical elements. The second author, Guilherme M. Lage, holds a PhD in Neuroscience from UFMG (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), Brazil, where he is full professor in the Department of Physical Education, where he teaches Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate students. His research focuses on the relationships between motor behavior and neurobiology and also several interdisciplinary studies involving Physical Education, Music, and Acoustics.

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