Journal Archive

  • Volume 10, May 2019
    Intonation in the Performance of the Double Bass: The Role of Vision and Tact in Undershoot and Overshoot Patterns by Fausto Borém and Guilherme Menezes Lage

  • Volume 9, September 2017
    Koussevitzky's Double Bass Repertoire: A Reassessment by Andrew Kohn, Ph.D.

  • Volume 8, January 2017
    Revolution in Action: A Motivic Analysis of Ghosts: First Variation As Performed by Gary Peacock

  • Volume 7, December 2015
    Stephen G Buckley: Beethoven, the Viennese Violone, and the Problem of Lower Compass.

  • Volume 6, August 2015
    Shanti Nachtergaele: Examination of mid-nineteenth century double bass playing based on A. Müller and F.C. Franke's debate in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, 1848 - 1851.

  • Volume 5, April 2015
    Fausto Borém, Alfredo Ribeiro, Gustavo Neves, João Paulo Campos, and Rodrigo Olivarez: Lino José Nunes's 1838 Methodo: Historical, Analytical and Editorial aspects of an Afro-Brazilian Double Bass Jewel

  • Volume 4, November 2012
    Regan Brough: Walk That Dog: The Emergence of Walking Bass Lines In Jazz

  • Volume 3, January 2012
    Alexandre Ritter: Franco Petracchi and the Divertimento Concertante Per Contrabbasso E Orchestra by Nino Rota: A Successful Collaboration Between Composer And Performer

  • Volume 2, August 2004
    Shanon P. Zusman: A Critical Review

  • Volume 1, July 2003
    Michael D. Greenberg: Perfecting the Storm: The Rise of the Double Bass in France, 1701-1815.