Volume 9, September 2017
Koussevitzky's Double Bass Repertoire: A Reassessment

by Andrew Kohn, Ph.D.

1. Introduction

2. Koussevitzky composed some of his own performance repertoire.

3. Koussevitzky also performed a pair of pieces by Glière, the earlier of two pairs composed for him.

4. Koussevitzky performed extant solo bass music, including concerti.

5. He also performed extant chamber music.

6. He also played a lot of transcriptions, sometimes with orchestra, including some that were already published as well as those he had prepared for his personal use.

7. Other Transcriptions Associated With Koussevitzky, But Probably Not Performed

8. Repertoire Arranged Chronologically By Performance

9. Works Composed For Koussevitzky That He Never Performed

10. Larger Implications


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