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Volume 14 of the OJBR presents Musculoskeletal symptoms of double bassists: a literature synthesis by Frances Levenderis and Bridget Rennie-Salonen. This article was the winner of the 2020 ISB Research Competition, in the Professional division. Frances Levenderis and Dr. Rennie-Salonen presented their paper at the 2021 ISB Virtual Convention.

As a musicians' health paper, Musculoskeletal symptoms of double bassists: a literature synthesis succeeds in providing an overview of scholarly publications regarding musculoskeletal symptoms of double bassists. The interdisciplinary paper draws from the literature of string pedagogy, double bass pedagogy, performance, and clinical medical research.

Any double bassist who has experienced pain in their playing will be interested in this literature review. Many publications will be familiar, but there will be many unfamiliar but interesting relevant sources, especially journals from the medical field. The paper is not merely a list of sources; the paper also provides the salient information that would be pertinent in the research of musculoskeletal symptoms of double bassists.

For medical researchers and researchers in double bass performance, this paper provides the seminal literature review that makes further research possible in the under-researched field of double bassists' health.

Frances Levenderis holds degrees from the University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch University. Frances has participated in masterclasses given by Uxia Martinez Botana, Jeff Bradetich, Nick Scales, and Gudrun Raschen. She has performed with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dr Bridget Rennie-Salonen, is a flautist, lecturer, and practitioner and researcher in musicians' health. She holds the positions of Postdoctoral Fellow at the Africa Open Institute for Music Research and Innovation, part-time Lecturer, and Head of Woodwinds, at Stellenbosch University. She received her PhD in Music from the University of the Free State.

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