Volume 16, October 2022
A Technical Guidance for the Dragonetti Concerto In A Major By Édouard Nanny and Beyond

by Irmak Sabuncu

7. Conclusion

As stated in the introduction, choosing an adequate approach towards the technical challenges and finding a solution for them can be an overwhelming task at the beginning stages of practicing a new piece.

In response, this article evaluated the problems that pose a technical challenge for the double bass playing through excerpts from the Dragonetti A Major Concerto and presented exercises that are designed as solutions for them.

However, these technical difficulties are not specific to this concerto and they are often encountered within the repertoire of the instrument. Therefore, these ideas aim to provide a preliminary study for the works of the literature that are both technically and musically more demanding than the Dragonetti A Major Concerto. Therefore, this article primarily stands as a practice guide to the concerto but can also serve as a collection of preliminary exercises beneficial to other works in the instrument's literature.