Volume 4, November 2012
Walk That Dog: The Emergence of Walking Bass Lines In Jazz

by Regan Brough

Appendix A

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Appendix B

The Autobiography of Pops Foster mentions many bassists and the bands with which they played throughout the narrative:

Eddie Garland (aka Montudie), with Kid Ory's band p. 60-61
Oke Gaspard with Bab Frank's band (1914?) p. 69
Oscar Kendalls with Thornton Blue's band (prior to or after 1912-1913) p. 100
Henry Kimball p. 92
Billy Moran with The Superior Band (1908) p. 56
Miles Ross with Edward Clem Band p. 55
Alec Smith with Amos Riley's band (1910-1912?) p. 99
Chester Zardis with Buddy Petit prior to 1914 when Pops played with Petit's band p. 97

New Orleans Bass Players on riverboats around 1919:

Ernest Johnson p. 121, 125
Jim Johnson p. 126
Henry Kimball and Pops Foster, p. 92, 126
Al Morgan p. 126